Why Fox Detective?

Why Fox Detective?

Özel Dedektif Latif Karlar

Fox Detective ; spouse tracking, collecting evidence for divorce, collecting evidence for custody, student tracking, address detection, pre-marriage research, personnel research and tracking, hidden camera and insect detection, hidden customer work etc. is a private detective agency serving in matters.

We provide all services in Turkey using equipment that offers the highest level of technology within the law. Our basic principle is to keep privacy in the foreground no matter what the conditions are.

When you need the detective in your life, we will be happy to serve you as the "Faculty of Security Sciences, the only private detective office with a diploma" . " We have documents of appreciation, thanks and honor" given to us due to our past services.

Do not give your information to anyone under the name of a private investigator whose identity is not clearly stated and does not give trust. The information you provide can be used against you. Fox Detective is your protector, defender and partner from the moment you step into our office! ..

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Spouse follow-up is a follow-up task carried out in order to prove the crimes committed by one of the spouses, suspicion of deception and similar crimes. I want to have my wife followed, we say to those who come with the question of how to follow up a spouse. There are several methods for spouse tracking.

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In the process of collecting evidence for divorce and with our private detective, we collect the necessary evidence in order to win the case, and provide necessary guidance and information. We provide evidence that will make a difference in the divorce case.

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Collecting evidence for custody cases is the process of obtaining all kinds of information and documents that affect the decisions of custody cases that determine who should have the rights they have on the children of the spouses who have decided to divorce. An evidence is strong enough to end a case.

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Address detection is a detective process in which the exact location of an unknown residence required for many cases such as divorce, alimony, fraud and criminal cases, mainly enforcement proceedings. It is the advanced stage of address finding research.

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Pre-marriage research is the study of finding the facts that one of the couples, fiancé or lovers who are thinking about getting married is not sure about the other. As Fox Detective, we do the research that will answer what you wonder and we present it to you in a report.

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Student follow-up is a detailed report of your children who are away from school because of what kind of habits they have, what people they are friends with, where they are going, and presenting them in a report. Student tracking is done physically and digitally.

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Personnel research and follow-up is to check the accuracy of the declarations, references and documents of the candidate or an employee of the institution with our own follow-up and research methods, and to provide you with detailed information and documents.

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How is hidden camera detected, how is it noticed? What should we do to determine if an insect screening device is present in an environment? Fox Detective Bureau is ready to help you if you suspect that you may have a hidden camera or insect device in your car at home.

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With the Secret Customer study, you measure the quality of the service you provide through the eyes of the customer. You will find your weaknesses permanently as soon as possible with the eye of the customer, or you will find your best practices and spread them throughout the organization to increase your quality and profit.

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What is Detective?

The detective is called those who collect information and documents by conducting legal research for individuals or institutions. Detectives found as a special class in law enforcement abroad is not the case in Turkey. To be a detective, it is necessary to work in private detective offices.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the detective?

Dedektif, kendisine verilen bilgiler ışığında araştırma işlerini yerine getirmek ve gerekli bilgileri toplamakla görevlidir. Buna ilaveten dedektifin görev ve sorumlulukları şöyledir:

  • Kimliğini gizlemek,
  • Yasa ya da etik ilkelerine saygılı olmak ve dışına çıkmamak,
  • Profesyonel davranmak ve duygularını, müşteri taleplerinin önüne geçirmemek,
  • Müşteriler için rapor oluşturmak.

What are the Working Areas of the Detective?

What are the Working Areas of the Detective?Private detective work areas; collection of evidence for divorce, obtaining evidence for custody cases, spouse tracking, address detection, pre-marriage research, student tracking, pre-employment CV verification and reference check, personnel research and tracking, hidden camera and insect detection, hidden customer work, asset tracking Local and international researches, security research topics of board members and senior executives are the detective's work areas.

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